Krasnoyarsk Territory Administration , the Administration of Lesosibirsk,

JSC “ Krasnoyarsk fair ” with the assistance of the Wood Industry Complex Department Ministry of Science of Russian Federation

Dear sirs!

We invite you at the 3rd exhibition - fair:


Date: September 5-7, 2001. Place of realization: Krasnoyarsk territory, Lesosibirsk

At the end of September 2000 the 2nd exhibition-fair “Woodworking: the equipment and production” has took place in Lesosibirsk. More than 140 enterprises, companies, undertakers from 27 regions of Russia and abroad making the woodworking equipment or purchasing production saw-milling and wood chemistry, woodsmen and wood-cutters, branch institutes and high schools, banks, investment, consulting and insurance companies have taken part in it. The foreign countries were represented by firms from USA, Italy, Germany, Finland, Japan, China, Sweden and other countries.

Proceeding from wishes of the participants, the second fair we made a regional fair -woodworkers of Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo and Irkutsk areas, Republic of Khakassija were invited at the Fair.

The purposes of the third fair:

1. To present the samples of the equipment for wood-cutters, newest technologies, KNOW-HOW, to show tendencies of the development of the branch.

2. To help the manufacturers to establish new communications with the Russian and foreign buyers of saw-milling production and wood chemistry.

Brief subjects of the exhibition-fair:

• The lumbering and woodworking equipment and tools, transportation and drying equipment of wood, wood-chemistry equipment;

• Wood-processing production: saw-timbers, planed wood, windows, furniture, and products of a folk craft;

• Wood chemistry production;

• Equipment and production for wild fruit and berries processing;

• Equipment and technology of fair extinguishing, woodkeeping.

The delivery of the participants and their residence during days of fair's work will be carried out by the motor ship cruising along the Yenisei River from Krasnoyarsk to Lesosibirsk and back.

Some hundreds of the wood processing enterprises are working in the Krasnoyarsk territory. It is only at our fair where you can meet them. If you haven't an opportunity to arrive at the fair, please, send the prospectuses of your production to the administration of Lesosibirsk for acquaintance with them.

If you have any questions please contact Sergei I. Torlopov (2, Mira st, Lesosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk territory, 662527, Russia ph. +7 (39245) 5-26-84, 5-17-37, 2-27-70; fax +7 (39245) 5-20-10. E-mail:


 Program of the fair

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 Inviation to cooperation

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