Program of the fair.

The 3rd exhibition - fair” WOODWORKING: THE EQUIPMENT AND PRODUCTION” will take place during 3 days. The first two days ( 5 and 6 September) the exhibits at the stands will take place. The third day is for the participants, who decided to visit the enterprises of Lesosibirsk and nearest areas ( Enisejsk, Kazachinsk, Pirovsk and others). Also it is possible to organise the demonstration of timber manufacturing equipment in the wood area or at the house of some factories if there is enough participants who would like to see it.

1. For the delivery of the participants from Krasnoyarsk to Lesosibirsk and back and for their residence we have rented two motor-ships: "S. Prokofiev" and "V.Chkalov".

The Motor- ship “S. Prokofiev” will leave Krasnoyarsk on September 3rd, at 11.00. Estimated time of arrival in Lesosibirsk - on September 4th at 11.00 .

The Motor ship "V.Chkalov" will leave Krasnoyarsk on September 4th at 10.00 and arrive in Lesosibirsk in the morning on September 5th some hours before starting the exhibition fair. Both motor-ships will leave Krasnoyarsk from River-Boat Station.

Another way of the passage from Krasnoyarsk to Lesosibirsk is by bus (4-6 hours), a night train (the time of departure from Krasnoyarsk – about 19.00; the time of arrival to Lesosibirsk- 7.00).

In case of need you can order a car or a minibus.

2. The preliminary program of the exhibition-fair

September 3rd , Monday

11.00 - Departure of the MS "S. Prokofiev" from Krasnoyarsk

September 4th, Tuesday

10.00 - Departure of the MS "V. Chkalov" from Krasnoyarsk

10.00 - 22.00 - Accommodation of the participants and arrangement of the expositions

September 5 th , Wednesday

9.00-18.00 - Activities of the participants at the exposition stands.

10.00 - Grand opening.

18.00 - The excursion of the Lesosibirsk and Eniseisk (the architectural monument of the xvII century)

19.00 - Concert for participants

20.30 - Banquet

September 6 th, Thursday

9.00-17.00 - Activities of the participants at the exposition stands

17.00 - Grand closing, summing up exhibition-fair activities

19-00 - Departure of the motor ships


September 7 th , Friday

9.00 - 17.00 - Visit of the saw-milling enterprises of the city and nearest areas.

3. Four buildings will be working during the exhibition-fair: The House of Sports, which consists of 4 halls (total area - 2400 square metres) and The Sport House “Avangard”- for placing the stands; indoor Complex “Module” (with a possibility of putting up the power) - for placing machines and equipment (total area - 1000 square metres), lecture halls of the branch of Siberian Technological University.

Terms of participation

Participation at stands - 1500 roubles per 1 sq. m. The cost of participation includes hire of furniture (table and two arm-chairs), exhibits protection ant night time, electric lighting, cleaning, mastering a frieze with a signage in the exhibition style, an advertisement of the exhibition-fair in mass media, a catalogue of the Exhibition , transport service in route - "hotel - exhibition - hotel", an order of a room in the hotel. The cost of 1 sq.m. in "Module" - 500 roubles. The cost of non-equipped indoor area is 500 roubles per 1 sq.m., outdoors- 250 roubles.

Participation in case of your absence at the exhibition-fair. The cost is 2000 roubles. The exhibitor's informational materials are put at the special stand and the copy of the catalogue is sent to the EXHIBITOR.

Registration payment- 300 roubles –for every member of a delegation.

Insurance of a stand* The Exhibitors can insure its stand for any sum more 25000 roubles on the tariff rate 0,23% from the following events: natural calamity, fair, heat and water system accidents, illegal acts, theft.

Additional equipment and services. The EXHIBITORS can also order a table (150 rb.), an arm-chair (60 rb.), a showcase 1.0*0.5*0.8 (400 rb.), a showcase 1.0*0.5* 1.7 (500 rb.), a showcase 1.0*0.5* 2.0 (600 rb.), TV and a videotape recorder (2000 rb.), electrical transmission network 220V (200 rb), 380V (500 rb.), a lighting appliance (100 rb.), a carpet surface 1 sq.m. (80 rb.), motor and passenger transport, international communication, copying of documents, placing phones at a stand, and other services. The full list of additional equipment and services can be sent on demand. Prices include a value additional tax.

Orders for participation are re accepted till August, 25 th , but information presenting in catalogue is only guaranteed in the case of placing the order before August, 20 th