- More than 140 participants took part at the Second Exhibition- fair, there was an increase in the number in 1,5 in comparison with the first Exhibition. The number of visitors increased twice; at the previous Exhibition the managers of the wood processing and woodworking companies presented, but at this Exhibition there were representatives practically from all woodworking and wood processing companies of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and also from Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Irkutsk region, Khabarovsk territory.

- The geography of the participants dealing with machine- building and machine-tool industry enlarged greatly: representatives from more than thirty Russian towns from 27 regions of Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia worked at the Exhibition.

- New branches appeared at the Exhibition- section of wood purveying machines, wild fruit, berries and mushrooms processing, transport services.

- At the Exhibition took part 19 machine-tool industry companies, 9 companies specialised in selling wood processing machines, 4 producers of wood purveying machines, 17 wood manufacturing companies, 3 firms, dealing with wood chemistry, 6 tools manufacturers, 4 banks, 22 forestry headed by Wood Committee, 2 information and one insurance company, 6 Institutes, 5 manufacturers and sellers of transport means, 2 transport companies.

- The questionnaire showed that practically all participants gave a high appraisal the organisation of the Exhibition; 45% gave an “excellent” mark to the Exhibition, the rest ( except the only one) – “good” mark. There are some comments of the participants:

- “We are very grateful to the organisers of the Exhibition and are sure that such Exhibition must become an annual” JSC “ Krasnoflotskiy Machine- Building factory”.

- “Our great thanks to the organisers, we will be very glad to visit the Exhibition next year” . JSC “Lesbumresurs”.

- “We are very obliged to the organisers for their excellent work with the participants”. Koetter Dry Kiln, Inc.

- “ Very grateful to the organisers of the Exhibition. It is a great impulse for developing not only the town, but also the whole Krasnoyarsk region”. OJSC “Economical Heat Systems“, Krasnoyarsk.

- “ We want to express our special thanks to the organisers of the Exhibition for their attention to all participants’ wishes and readiness to help”. JSC “Roslesprom”, Moscow.

- “Thank to your Exhibition we – the representatives of the corporation “Naturproduct- Tovaropromsbyt- Wood tinned food” could find good partners”.

The question “What did you like?” dozens of participants answered “Everything”, also there were answers: “Governor’s attention to the Exhibition”, “The specialisation of the Exhibition was very brightly expressed”, “Completeness of the expositions on the exhibition’s subject”.

The question “Should such Exhibitions be held in Lesosibirsk?” received all positive answers without any exceptions. 90% of all respondents expressed the opinion to carry it out every year.

The question about weak points of the Exhibition had the only one comment: only few participants presented wood manufacturing and wood purveying sphere. The organizers of the Third Exhibition guarantee that this year such participants will be many more.