More than two millions cubic metre of saw-timbers are annually produced in Krasnoyarsk territory, more than half of them are produced in Lesosibirsk.

The city Lesosibirsk of the Krasnoyarsk Territory is situated in the central part of Russia on the bank of the river Yenisei, in 300 km to the north of Krasnoyarsk. Being by terminal point of the railway, it has a powerful river port, which is capable to process more than one million tonnes of cargoes per year, transported to the north, Priangarie and back. The city is connected with North Sea Route by Yenisei river and by Angara river - the richest region of Nizhnee Priangare District.

Some tens of saw-milling enterprises are the basis of industrial potential of Lesosibirsk, two of them JSC “Lesosibirsky LDK-1” (saw-milling, woodworking) and JSC "Novoeniseiskiy LCC" (wood chemistry) are the largest timber export companies of Russia.

The wood-chemistry industry is represented by Colophon-extraction factory, which produces colophon, turpentine, lacquers, paints and other products.

Lesosibirsk has a powerful base of building industry and a strong backbone of the builders, who created on the base of three small settlements a city with an advanced industry and an infrastructure, with population more than 76 000 people only for fifteen years.

The branch of Krasnoyarsk custom-house is located in Lesosibirsk.

The purpose of realization of the fair. Lesosibirsk is the largest saw-milling center of Russia, has all the preconditions to become one of the centers of deep processing of wood. We have raw materials, the staff, dealing with timber for tens, college and institute, specialized in wood processing, training industrial center, art schools, that allows to support a high educational, professional and art level of the workers. We invite firms which would like to organize joint work for deep processing of wood, and also enterprises producing and selling the equipment for saw-milling, timber chemistry, fibre boards, plywood etc.