A list of main companies in the town dealing with wood processing


  1. JSC “Lesosibirskiy LDK-1” ph 21300

General Manager Rubtsov Anatoliy Semjenovich

Sawngoods, furniture, doors, fibre boards, planed wood, splint.

Stuff 3700 persons


  1. JSC “Maklakovskiy LDK” ph 43000

General Manager Jaschuck Victor Maximovich

Sawngoods, furniture panels, planed wood, splint.

Stuff 1600 persons


3. JSC “Novoeniseiskiy Timber Chemical Complex” ph 33894

General Manager Shelepkov Victor Vladimirovich

Sawngoods, fibre boards, furniture panels, planed wood, furniture, splint.

Stuff 3800 persons

4. JSC “Eniseisk Floating Company” ph 22103

General Manager Rybjakov Alexander Sergeevich

Sawngoods, sleepers, planed wood, doors, furniture samples.

Stuff 900 persons


5. JSC “Direktorija ” ph 51704

General Manager Kononov Vasiliy Antonovich

Sawngoods, saw log, planed wood, forwarding custom services. Has own sea port.

Stuff 150 persons




  1. JSC “Lesosibirskiy Timber- Forwarding Combine” ph 21253

General Manager Zagajevich Stepan Zenonovich

Sawngoods, sleepers, planed wood, planed wood, splint .

Stuff 700 persons


7. JSC “Energoles” ph 22767

General Manager Mozheikin Valentin Mihailovich

Sawngoods, planed wood, splint, sleepers, energopoles, impregnation of sleepers.

Stuff 500 persons


8. JSC “Avtotechsnab” ph 52164

Manager Akhtjamov Dmitriy Mihailovich

Timber shipment, sawn logs, sawngoods,

Stuff 50 persons


9. JSC “Contract” ph 21243

Manager Medvedev Alexander Petrovich

Sawngoods, sleepers, logs, timber shipment.

Stuff 100 persons


10. JSC “Industrija” ph 41757

General Manager Kolchanov Valeriy Alexejevich

Sawngoods, planed wood, doors, windows

Stuff 400 persons






11. Private Undertaker Kolpakov Nikolai Pavlovich ph 22565

Timber preparing, sawngoods, sleepers, sawn logs.

Stuff 100 persons


12. “Litvinovskaja LPB” ph 21414

Manager Gess Vladimir Ivanovich

Timber preparing, sawngoods, sleepers, sawn logs.

Stuff 100 persons


13. JSC “Eniseisk RTP” ph 41651

Manager Kolmogorov Vladimir Phjedorovich


Stuff 80 persons


14. JSC “Krial” ph 33494

Manager Rerich Vladimir Andrejevich


Stuff 100 persons


15. “Tcelinogradskaja LPB” ph 22641

Manager Butenko Nikolai Grigorjevich

Timber shipment, sawngoods.

Stuff 100 persons


16. JSC “Novoenisehsk RSU” ph 33182

Manager Vorontsov Anatoliy Michailovich

Sawngoods, planed wood.

Stuff 100 persons


18. JSC “Lesosibirskiy KEZ” ph 22601

General Manager Zolin Boris Alexandrovich

Resins, drying oil, paints, - more than 20 items of wood- processing products.

Stuff 400 persons


19. JSC “Lesosibirskiy port” ph 42939

General Manager Molochkov Nikolay Petrovich

Transporting via Enisey , re-shipment railway- Enisey and back

Stuff 900 persons